Mihailov Properties” Ltd. offers you a full range of consulting ,
mediation and legal services when buying , selling, renting
lease , rental and management of real estate :

– Mediation in the purchase
– Mediation in the sale of the real estate
– Mediation in rent
ing the property
– Mediation in the rental of
the real estate
– Assistance and organization of
taking  mortgage loans
for purchasing properties.

Management of real estate

– Advertising and rental
– Mediation in arranging of relationships with
“Electricity “, ” Sofia Water ” and others. , and
also payment of
different types of
consumables, associated with the use of the leased
property ;

– Maintenance and control on the exploitation of the property;
Repair of damages;
Providing proper collectionof rent and 100% guarantee
for collection of the consumable items.